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Leslie Kleen
I live in Columbus Ohio by myself, having just come off a 7+ year relationship.  I spend most of my time writing music and I am in the process of creating a website to sell copies of my music.  We will see if that is realistic or not. The website is www.MusicFromRiverside.com  

I continue to compose music (see MY MUSIC link above) and I am now working on some long term projects.  The 'STATEMENT' link above also expresses my philosophy and the directions that I want my music to take for the future.

I also recommend that everyone look at what EPICURUS really said.  He was a great philosopher incredibly maligned by Christian polemics.  He speaks to me these days.
See a summary of his views: EPICURUS

I am VERY CONCERNED about the way in which the earth is being devastated - climate change, fossil fuels, water, forests, etc.  Has Capitalism run its course?  
I have been reading some books that address this issue as well as others.  Please see my book reviews:

I am still involved with my other business converting audio and video from old formats to the new, digital formats - LPs, 45s, 78s, and Cassettes to CDs,
converting VHS tapes to DVDs, scanning 35mm slides and putting them on CDs or DVDs.

Check out my website audio-video conversion
for a full
list of services and prices.

I hope that I can reconnect with friends and acquaintances from the past. Please drop me a note that you have found me.
  Old friends may be interested in my BIO as well.

Although I was raised as a Christian, and served as a choir director in the Columbus UU church, my beliefs have changed radically, so that today I call myself a "naturalist". i.e. no supernatural things - If you are interested, I invite you to check out my STATEMENT in the link above.

Thanks for checking in, and keep in touch. (email address is in the CONTACT INFO link)