The Atheist's Way

Living Well Without Gods


by Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel is a psychotherapist and author of a number of self-help books, many of them for artists who need encouragement.  He is very good at that.  There is no magic.  It is hard work, but it is the only way to be successful.

This book will make any atheist feel good.  He says you are right, and you do not have to listen to all the god-talk.

He places a great deal of emphasis on the purpose and meaning of your life.  And there are those atheists/agnostics who feel that when they left the religious fold, that the easy answers to the purpose of everthing was lost.  And for those persons, this is especially useful.


If you are wanting to go beyond just being a non-believer and trying to decide how you should live,  this is a very good book.  It is a different angle from the Aronson book we read earlier.

I have copied the first introductory chapter and the concluding chapter not to replace the book, but for you to see if this makes sense to you, and to purchase the book yourself.
Maisel also has a website that I recommend.  It offers additional study materials and an opportunity to share with others about this book.  It is

Here are the first and last chapters of the book: