A Purpose Statement

It is my current belief that the most important thing for me to do at this point in my life and in history, will be to create music, art and theater that is based on our understanding of the natural world, the cosmos as it really exists, without resorting to superstition and supernatural explanations or metaphors.

  Humanism is an approach that says we do not know all the answers, but we must continually look for the answers and be prepared to adjust our understanding as it expands and to not stubbornly hold to old, outdated ideas.  There is no evidence whatever that there are any supernatural beings at all - there are no gods, ghosts, gremlins, angels, devils etc.

We have just come through several centuries in the western world, where the supernatural is the default explanation and source of religious belief.  This in turn has provided us with the western world's great music.  

I prefer a gentle approach where I simply want to be one of those that will provide an alternative to that viewpoint.  I do not intend to argue against the old, traditional ideas.  There are writers who are doing a good job of arguing the atheistic position and inspiring the rest of us to be courageous in our creativity even though we are a small minority - at least in the U.S.

There is a new morality that is needed for respect for the entire earth and all its inhabitants.  The religious traditions do not provide this because they are based on old texts that do not address contemporary issues.  But there are texts that do, and these can be the subjects for a whole new set of musical and artistic creations.  I would like to share a couple of my poems:

 The Word is Immanent

It is Something

Unfortunately there are wise people who have been maligned and misrepresented and they deserve a fair hearing.  Take a look at what they really have to say:
Thomas Paine
Albert Einstein