It is something you have to experience for yourself.

Something you won’t forget.


I was lucky, growing up in Colorado

where the humidity is low and the night sky is clear.


There were nights when the moon was behind the mountains,

and the stars were brilliant.


And they were numberless.


Let me tell you,

You have to experience that for yourself.


You can’t believe how many stars you can see –

so many that the milky way seems like a white wash

in the middle of the sky.


We would just lie down in our sleeping bags and look up,

and look,

and look,

and everywhere – stars.









They say the milky way contains between 200 and 400 billion stars.



And all the stars we can see with the naked eye are in the milky way.

The light that we see now

left some stars a hundred thousand years ago.


But the milky way is only one of 50 billion galaxies. 

Some much bigger than the milky way.


The Andromeda galaxy has a trillion stars.

And we can’t even see those stars. 


Someone is looking up at the sky tonight on the other side

of the earth.  They are not seeing the same stars as we are.

But the sky is just as full.


You look and look

and look, and

Your mind boggles

and your eyes grow drowsy and drop off to sleep.



The next morning you wake up

and do things as you normally do.

Your life will not change.

The world will go on as before.


However, somewhere

deep inside you –


you now know better

who you really are.